Undergraduate Student Government

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buckeye Road Trip FAQ


Why do I need to wear a mask? 

All riders must adhere to the mask requirement put forth by Ohio State and the CDC. 

What do I need to get on the bus? Do I need a ticket?

No ticket is necessary to board the bus, however you must have your Buck ID.

Will the bus have a bathroom, outlets or wifi?

The buses will have bathrooms. It is uncertain if the buses will have outlets or wifi, as each is different so please plan accordingly.

Can the bus drop me off along the way?

No, buses will not make stops along the way to drop off students, please plan to pick up your student at the designated location.

Will the bus be making stops?

Yes, buses may make stops along the way, as predetermined by the bus company and ONLY to switch drivers. Buses will not be stopping for food or allowing students to exit the bus, as this slows down the arrival time.

What time will the bus arrive?

All buses leave the Union at 10:00 AM. Please reference the Trip Form for estimated arrival times. This can also be done through Google maps.

What luggage can I bring?

Please pack light. We do not recommend bringing extra bags or laundry, as there is not enough room for everyone. Luggage will be stored under the bus.

Can I bring a carry on?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a carry on such as a purse or bookbag. Carry on bags must fit under the seat or at the student’s feet. Buses are full therefore there will not be additional seats to keep bags.

Can I get a refund if I find a different option?

No, all trips are non-refundable.

Will I get a confirmation email?

Your payment is your confirmation email and you will get a confirmation email prior to the trip. You will be contacted prior to the trip to confirm you are on the bus. 

Can I ride the bus one way?

Yes, you can ride the bus one way but must pay the full trip fee.It doesn't matter which way going to or from. 

Can I sign up for more than one bus?

No, you can only sign up for one trip.

Can non-OSU students ride the bus?

No, non-OSU students cannot ride the bus.

Where will I meet the bus?

Buses will be parked in the circle drive outside the Union on 12th Avenue. Please follow signs directing you to the correct bus.

Why is my payment pending?

Based off of past experiences there are two possible causes to this issue:

    1. Your zip code does not match the billing information

    2. You paid with a debit card instead of a credit card

In order to avoid this, please make sure you follow the registration steps correctly and verify all information is correct. If pending payments are not taken care of, your seat may be given to a student on the waiting list.

Can I split a trip?

No, you may not split your trip with another student. Each student will need to register individually.

What time should I arrive to load the bus?

Please plan to arrive 30-60 minutes prior to bus departure. This will avoid delays and prevent issues. If a student misses the bus, they will not be refunded.

What is the load in process?

Once buses arrive each student will be responsible for getting their luggage onboard. Students will then check in with a Buckeye Road Trip volunteer with their Buck ID to board the bus.

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?

You can reach the Buckeye Road Trip team at SL-USGBuckeyeRoadTrip@osu.edu and cc Linton.85 and/or Parker.1562 or call the USG office at 614-292-4380 during business hours.

If seats become available how will I be notified?

If a seat becomes available on your bus, the first person on the waiting list will be notified via email. Once notified students will have a designated time frame to register for the trip, if this time frame passes the seat may go to the next student in line. If there are any seats available two days before the trip, seats will be opened first come, first serve to any students on the waiting list. Students must have completed payment before they can load the bus.

Can I bring a pet?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets on the bus due to passenger allergies.