Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

The Judicial Branch

About the Judicial Panel

The Judicial Panel (JP) is the judiciary branch of the Undergraduate Student Government. The Panel does not have a set schedule in which it convenes. Typically, the Panel meets bi-weekly during the autumn semester to review the Undergraduate Student Government’s governing documents, both to fully understand the guidelines, as well as to research and suggest changes to these documents. Justices may also attend General Assembly when proposing suggested changes to the documents. During the spring semester, the Panel meets more regularly, typically to discuss USG election procedures, plan and host information sessions for interested candidates of office, maintain a level playing field for all involved parties, and oversee the online voting system. The Panel also may review and investigate briefs filed regarding alleged violations of our governing documents at any point in the academic year.


Please submit all briefs and inquiries to usgelections@osu.edu.

Judicial Panel Standing Rules (Effective September 2023)

2023-2024 Chief Justice, Utkarsh Mahey (mahey.2@buckeyemail.osu.edu)

The Chief Justice of the Judicial Panel is the head of USG's judicial branch. The Chief Justice is responsible for moderating hearings of all initial and appeal claims related to USG's bylaws, and proposing amendments to USG's governing documents as necessary.