Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

Academic Affairs

Role and Mission

The Academic Affairs committee strives to enhance University policies surrounding academics. The policies we are trying to enhance regard those concerning SEIs, advising, affordability in many capacities, STEP, Libraries, and many more. As a committee, we seek accountability of University Administration in terms of the student's experience with teaching, learning, and everything else related to academic affairs.

Director of Academic Affairs

Tiffany Hirsch

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Tiffany can be reached at Hirsch.1@osu.edu


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  • Textbook Buying Tips

  • Textbook Affordability
    • Working with access code data to decrease the cost of textbooks
  • Study Abroad

    • Policy on more general funding for study abroad experiences.

  • Honors and Scholars

    • Improving honors and scholars programming and working with students to better there own experience.

  • Academic Advising
    • Collaborated with the committee on undergraduate advising to make recommendations on new Work-day system.
  • Libraries
    • Helping test new search features on OSU Library websites and looking to expand collaborative study spaces.
  • Digital Flagship
    • Generic policy on making sure iPad and new Apple features work properly.

Deputy Directors


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