Undergraduate Student Government
at The Ohio State University

Constituency Reports

57th General Assembly Constituency Reports

To ensure accountability and provide the utmost transparency, each member of the General Assembly shall submit three constituency reports to the Secretary throughout their terms, and these reports can be viewed below. Our reports aim to provide constituents with a description of what their senators have accomplished and are currently working on within their current term. If you are interested in finding more about the progress of your member’s policy projects, their contact information can be found in the '57th General Assembly Members' tab. 

Note: If there is no hyperlink attached to your representative's name, it either means that they have not had a report due yet or they did not complete a report. If you would like to receive information regarding their work during this constituency report period, you are encouraged to email them and request this information. Please note that only one constituency report was required for Autumn 2024, and some newer senators may not have been required to complete a report yet.

For any questions, please contact Secretary Lily Evans.2758.