Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

Oversight Committee

Standing Committee Description

The Oversight Committee holds original jurisdiction over legislation pertaining to appointments, censures, impeachment, executive cabinet structural changes and charters, and Constitutional Bylaw Review Commission Appointments (occurs every 5 years; most recent Commission: Spring 2016). This committee is chaired by the Parliamentarian and consists of nine voting members of the General Assembly. The purpose of the committee is to look over the internal processes of USG, particularly the General Assembly, to ensure that all the governing documents are being followed. Additionally, the Oversight Committee has the capacity to make recommendations to any branch of USG about their practices and ways to optimize them.

For more information regarding the Oversight Committee, see Standing Rules.

57th General Assembly Oversight Committee Members

Parliamentarian (Chair): Oliver Griffith.1097 (He/Him)

Senator: Hanniel Diaz Elizarraga.1 (he/him)

Senator: Rayvon Braziel.5 (he/him)

Senator: Delcan Alford.117 (he/him)

Senator: Shyla Mudundi.1 (she/her)

Senator: Vaidehi More.53 (She/her)

Senator: Vacant

Senator: Vacant

Senator: Vacant

Senator: Vacant

57th General Assembly Oversight Committee Agendas