Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

Steering Committee

Standing Committee Description

The Steering Committee meets regularly to approve the upcoming week’s agenda by reviewing submitted pieces of legislation from senators. Steering can either: (1) approve the resolution and place it on the agenda, at which point it is brought to the floor at the next General Assembly session, or (2) refer the resolution back to the committee or primary sponsor for further review. The Committee consists of the Speaker, Parliamentarian, Secretary, seven Legislative Coordinators, and one Cabinet Director. Steering shall serve as a supervisory and regulatory committee of the General Assembly Standing Committees, ad-hoc committees, and independent commissions.

For more information on the Steering Committee, see the Standing Rules.

57th General Assembly Steering Committee Members 

Speaker of the General Assembly (Chair): George Bernard.306 (He/Him)

Parliamentarian: Oliver Griffith.1013 (she/they)

Secretary: Lily Evans. 457 (she/her)

Legislative Coordinator: Hayden Price.1695 (he/him)

Legislative Coordinator: Rayvon Braziel.5 (he/him)

Legislative Coordinator: Shyla Mudundi.1 (she/her)

Legislative Coordinator: Ethan Dobres.10 (He/Him)

Legislative Coordinator: Jineen Musa.58 (She/Her)

Legislative Coordinator: Delcan Alford.117 (he/him)

Legislative Coordinator: Josh Hickman.367 (he/him)


57th General Assembly Steering Committee Agendas



57th General Assembly Steering Committee Minutes