Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

Student Affairs

Role and Mission:

The Student Affairs committee strives to advance the Student Quality of Life at The Ohio State University. We have identified four factors as benchmarks for improvement: Affordability, Accountability, Accessibility, and Advance-ability. We aim to consider these factors as we undertake projects to better the existing features of Student Life, and target and fulfill the need for additional resources and opportunities.


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  • Airport Shuttle: Save lots on FREE transportation to and from CMH during break periods! Learn more at go.osu.edu/usgshuttle.
  • New York Times: Learn more and activate your FREE complimentary subscription at go.osu.edu/usgnyt. Available to all OSU students, faculty, and staff.
  • Buckeye Road Trip: Get a ride home or visit an exciting new city on one of ten charter buses over Thanksgiving or Spring Break. Prices are $25 for local destinations and $65 for further locations, round trip. Learn more at usg.osu.edu/buckeyeroadtrip.
  • Clean Up Columbus: Monthly opportunity! Light breakfast and cleaning supplies provided. $100 in student org funding or service hours available. Learn more at go.osu.edu/cleanupcbus. Contact sl-usgcleanupcolumbus@osu.edu with questions.
  • Renter's Guide: The Renter's Guide aims to make the search for housing in the off-campus area easier for students by helping them make informed decisions in the leasing process. Check out the most recent guide at go.osu.edu/rentersguide2023.
  • Buckeye Mile: Kick off the spring with USG at the Buckeye Mile. Shirts, giveaways, and a light breakfast provided. Registration is free! Learn more at go.osu.edu/buckeyemile.
  • Resource Fair: An annual event on the South Oval highlighting resources available to undergraduate students that are typically underutilized. Buckeye Donuts, soft drinks, and prizes are available.
  • Collaborative events with your organization!

Deputy Directors:



Airport Shuttle: https://www.thelantern.com/2022/12/undergraduate-student-government-pilot-program-to-provide-free-transportation-for-students-to-and-from-airport-for-break/


New York Times: https://www.thelantern.com/2022/11/usg-announces-free-1-year-subscription-to-the-new-york-times-for-ohio-state-community/

Buckeye Road Trip: https://www.thelantern.com/2022/11/buckeye-road-trip-helps-fund-students-trips-home-for-thanksgiving-break-provides-travel-to-6-cities/

Clean Up Columbus: https://www.thelantern.com/2023/01/from-trash-to-cash-clean-up-columbus-offers-financial-benefits-to-student-organizations/

Buckeye Mile: https://www.thelantern.com/2023/03/ohio-states-undergraduate-student-government-held-its-second-annual-buckeye-mile-race/


Ryan Day Mental Health Talk: https://www.thelantern.com/2023/03/ryan-day-to-give-keynote-speech-on-mental-health-thursday/