Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University


USG's role at OSU is to advocate events, resources, and policy in the best interest of the student body.  This page aims to communicate USG's recent accomplishments in order to facilitate your understanding of USG's active role in advocating on behalf of Buckeyes.

USG Trivia

  • Former USG President helped design the RPAC

  • Former Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich is a former Chair of USG's General Assembly, and he ran for USG President twice and lost both times

  • Congresswoman Joyce Beatty (of the House of Representatives) testified at a USG General Assembly meeting and frequently delivers speeches in USG-organized events


Collective Accomplishments

  • Created the Lyft Ride Smart program to offer students discounted rides at late hours and over weekends to facilitate safe transportation

  • Created the position of undergraduate student as a voting member of the Board of Trustees (the core-most legislative body of OSU)

  • Removed suspension notations from transcripts to prevent minor offenses from hindering student chances in applications

Shared Governance

  • Instituted the emergency pass/no pass grading policy in light of COVID-19 from Spring 2020 to Summer 2021

  • Implemented Fall Break (which did not exist prior to 2015) for all OSU students

  • Passed a resolution where students will soon be granted an additional reading day to facilitate studying during finals week

Student Affairs Committee

  • Conducted a clothing and book drive, providing resources to 20 Afghan refugee students and donating the rest to various groups that provide support to Afghan refugees including US Together, CRIS, and the OSU Mortar Board Scholars group

  • Diversify food options in University Dining facilities

  • Publish the annual Renter's Guide for off-campus students to bring more transparency in landlords' practices and quality

Justice & Equity Committee

  • Establishing an official campus LGBTQ+ community center

  • Increase available language options for university tours

  • Increase accessible student experience resources for international students and decrease the international student surcharge

  • Improve DACA and undocumented students' access to health insurance, affordable in-state tuition, and formalized staff support

  • Passed University Senate Resolution to rename Bricker Hall in light of John Bricker's segregationist political views and initiate university-wide reviewal of all buildings and spaces

  • Passed Ban the Box legislation in GA, CGS, and CESP as part of the Ohio Prison Legislation Project to support education and opportunities for those who are disadvantaged by criminal records

  • Created the 2020 LGBTQ+ Campus Climate Report to streamline information pertaining to queer students (https://osu.app.box.com/s/0i5ocmegvw2l1v1m6w8sgxsyy0l3m37y)

Health & Safety Committee

  • Collaborate with the Office of Student Life to distribute 4000+ birdie safety devices

  • Install better lighting poles in the University District

  • Implement the Commission on Mental Health’s recommendations 

  • Jointly host and organize #MeToo Week and Sex Week

Government Relations Committee

  • Delivered testimony at the Ohio Statehouse surrounding a variety of issues, including in support of LGBTQ+ rights, defending Ohioan's voting rights, and opposing bans on Critical Race Theory and teaching race in education

  • Hosts an annual trip to Washington, D.C. to allow students to advocate for federal issues with our representatives at the nation's capitol

  • Hosts events with local officials to discuss student issues in politics, including bringing the Chair of the Black Caucus, Rep. Joyce Beatty, to Ohio State

  • Consistently engage at the Ohio Statehouse through discussions with elected officials, testimony writing, and collaboration with other Ohio universities

  • Created a in-depth Advocacy Resource Guide for student engagement at all levels of government

  • Collaborated with local community organizers to put on a series of advocacy events, including Equality Ohio, Take Back the Night, and the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence

  • Started an informational TikTok account (@govrelationsusg) to inform students of updates in Columbus, Ohio, and federal government and to convey easy ways they can get involved

Academic Affairs Committee

  • Address student issues with Digital Flagship (OSU's iPad distribution program)

  • Encourage class accommodations for religious observances in collaboration with the Muslim Student Association

Sustainability Committee

  • Implement off-campus recycling and composting policy

  • Improve on OSU’s Sustainability Goals, updating them to aim for carbon neutrality sooner than 2050

  • Raise funding for the Byrd Polar Research Center (a climate change research facility)

Black Caucus

  • Host community conversations regarding Black issues and small-circle discussions about party safety

  • Plan intentional community service and create a campus podcast to highlight Black business owners in Columbus

  • Prepare students of all levels for success to leave Ohio State, including academic planning, internship search, career preparation, resume workshops, and profile pictures


Operations Committees

  • Manage the website you're using right now, as well as other social media platforms and emails to the student body, to facilitate organizational transparency

  • Orchestrate internal affairs in USG to keep ~300 members on task and productive

  • Run USG social, professional, and recruitment events, as well as other leadership bonding experiences

  • Organize USG-wide photoshoots so all USG members have the opportunity to receive headshots

Honorary Mention

  • Unanimous passage of legislation through the General Assembly supporting state and federal legislation such as the Ohio Fairness Act, the Equality Act, and the CROWN Act

  • Established gender panel discussion on queer advocacy in Columbus with panelists from Equality Ohio, OSU Multicultural Center, SHADES, and USG’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee panel discussion on queer advocacy in Columbus with panelists from Equality Ohio, OSU Multicultural Center, SHADES, and USG’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee formally recognizing the history, heritage, and awareness months for marginalized groups

  • Created the Immigration Stories event in OSU's Community Week

  • Launched the EmbraceTheDifference campaign (https://news.osu.edu/ohio-state-student-governments-launch-diversity-campaign/)

  • Created the Buckeye Road Trip program to reduce the cost of busing services in order to create a pipeline to cities outside of Columbus and provide fluid transportation for students without rides home over breaks

  • Established the International Student Experience Committee (see their most recent report here: https://oaa.osu.edu/sites/default/files/uploads/international-strategic-planning/International-Education-and-Student-Experience.pdf)