Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

Allocations Committee


Standing Committee Description

The Allocations Committee meets weekly to allocate USG funds (from the Student Activity Fee and Coke Partnership funding) to student organizations who apply for it in hopes of finding their events or trips. Meetings are chaired by the Senior Director of Allocations and membership includes six senators. This committee also approves USG’s internal quarterly budgets before full consideration by the General Assembly.

For more information regarding how your organization can apply for funding, see our Finances & Funding tab.

55th General Assembly Allocations Committee Members

Senior Director of Allocations (Chair): Regina Loayza.3 (she/her)

Senator: Mateo Centenera.1 (he/him)

Senator: Patrick Cullen.144 (he/him)

Senator: Tori Elek.18 (he/him)

Senator: Kathryn Humphrey.341 (she/her)

Senator: Zoe Lee.9849 (she/her)

Senator: Matthew Rosenberg.1264 (he/him)