Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

Membership Requirements

The New Member Process

Once applications close and you are accepted into USG, you are considered a new member. New members are required to do the following before being inducted into the organization:

  • Attend both New Member Education sessions

  • Complete the USG Passport Program

  • Attend USG Fall Retreat

  • Fill out committee preference form

Membership Requirements

After completing the above requirements, you will serve and be recognized as a committee representative within the organization. USG’s expectations of its inducted members shall maintain throughout their time at Ohio State, requiring the following each semester:

  • Attend 11 out of 14 Cabinet meetings

  • Complete Title IX Sexual Assault Training

  • Complete Bias Training

  • OPTIONAL: Safe Zone training and REACH training are available to all USG members.

If you have questions about the membership process, please contact the Director of Internal Operations Bella Margolin.13@buckeyemail.osu.edu


Attendance Policy

Attendance policy for when members are not in good standing with the organization:

1. Probation:

  • Any member of the Undergraduate Student Government will be placed on probation after missing his/her 3rd meeting of the semester

  • The probation period will last until the end of the semester in which it is enforced

  • Probationary members are required to:

  1. Attend every successive meeting

  2. Schedule a meeting with his/her Director and the Membership Coordinator to discuss future commitment, involvement, and goals within USG

  • If any member does not meet our membership requirements and falls into the probation period again, he/he will be removed from the organization

2. Leave of Absence:

  • Any member of the Undergraduate Student Government may take a leave of absence from the organization on a semester basis under the following circumstances:

  1. Heavy course load, work, internships/Co-Ops, study abroad, or other circumstances to be discussed with your Director and the Membership Coordinator

  2. The member must meet with both his/her Director and the Membership Coordinator in advance to explain why time off is needed, and how it will benefit both them, and their further contributions to USG in order to get it approved

  3. The member agrees to stay in contact with his/her Director while on leave to stay up to date on organizational happenings and potentially continue to work on policy/projects