Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

Internal Operations

Role and Mission

The Internal Affairs Committee strives to maintain the internal operations of USG. This includes event planning, internal communications, record keeping, and other logistical tasks. Internal Affairs also oversees USG’s membership which includes the recruitment and education of new members, continued membership development, the Interns program, and membership requirements. The overall mission of Internal Affairs is to create a positive, inclusive environment within USG where students feel valued and empowered.


Director of Internal Operations




  • Interns - New Member Program

  • USG Fall Retreat

  • Recruitment

  • Campaign Reform

  • Homecoming

  • Social Event Planning

  • Creation of a Graduate Assistant Position


Interns Co-Coordinators:

Lauren Sutherland.174 (she/her)

Megan Goebel.76 (she/her)


My name is Megan Goebel and I am serving as an Interns Coordinator for the 2021-22 school year! I am a 3rd year student studying Speech and Hearing Science with a minor in Neuroscience. After graduation, I plan to get my masters in Speech Language Pathology and my goal career would be to work as an SLP in a private practice office for kids. I joined USG because I was very involved in Student Government in high school and wanted to find an organization with a strong sense of community that would also allow me to make a difference on campus, work on things I’m passionate about and grow as a leader. So far in USG, I have been a member of the Health and Safety committee and served as Deputy Director of Mental Wellness last year, which gave me the opportunity to work on a lot of projects related to giving students more access to and awareness of available mental health resources on campus. Some other things I am involved in on campus include being the Director of Sisterhood for my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, as well as being a member of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association.

Delaney Durham.159 (she/her)


  • 3rd year
  • Major: Zoology Minor: Business 
  • Planning on going to Vet School
  • Joined USG because I was in Student Government in highschool and loved it so much! 
  • Previous involvement: Legislative Coordinator for Academic Affairs and Senator of Natural and Mathematical Sciences for the 53rd GA. 
  • Fun fact: I am raising a service dog for a child or veteran with a disability!

Membership Co-Coordinators:

Amanda Mixter.5 (she/her)

Amanda is a third year student majoring in early childhood education and minoring in French and human development and family science. She hopes to teach elementary school after graduation.

Simiao Zhao.3034 (she/her/hers)
My name is Simiao Zhao and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I'm a third-year student majoring in Finance and Math with economics minor. It's my great pleasure to serve as a membership coordinator for the 2021-2022 school year. After graduation, I plan to apply for graduate school to study data science or financial engineering. I first joined USG in my second year. As an international and first-generation student, I'm passionate about helping more international students involve and build more connections between international and domestics students. I also hope to practice my ability and communication skills in USG. Some other things I am involved in on campus include being Human Resources Director in International Career Management and Director of Outreaching in ICSI. For fun facts about me, I have a really lovely Schnauze!

Zheying Wei.1053 (she/her)


  • 3rd year
  • Finance major, Social Psychology & Personality minor
  • I don't have a specific career in mind but I'm interested in investment
  • I joined USG because as a first-generation college student, I'm passionate about helping international and marginalized students succeed at Ohio State
  • Fun fact: I was born in China and immigrated here at the age of ten!

Brady Masten.19 (he/him)


  • 3rd year
  • Major in psychology 
  • Seeking my masters degree in psychology and open my own practice 
  • Joined USG to try and make a difference in student life and form strong personal and professional relationships with my peers 
  • My favorite place to visit is Nashville, Tennessee

Recruitment Coordinator:

Ian Logan.439 (he/him)


I'm a third year majoring in Political Science, and I joined USG because I saw it as the best way for me to make a real change to campus. Not only has it provided me to the tools do to so, but it's also been an amazing experience both professionally and socially. I started in the Student Affairs Issues Committee, and the following year I was its Deputy Director for Off-Campus. That year I worked on projects such as the Renter's Guide and Resource Fair, while also collaborating with groups such as OCCSS and COTA. This year, I am working within Internal Operations as a Recruitment Coordinator where I develop and plan various activities and events within the organization, primarily pertaining to New Members. In my free time, I enjoy playing various games and playing my trombone. I'm also a huge nerd for both Star Trek and Marvel. Feel free to reach out and chat!

Hunter Spencer.740 (he/him)

Historian: Hannah Wright.2162 (she/her)


Hannah is a 4th year studying public affairs, specializing in nonprofit management. After graduating in the spring, she intends to find a career working in the nonprofit sector. She joined USG in her freshman year in order to help her fellow students and help make change at Ohio State. Upon joining USG, she quicky saw a greater need for student input within the organization and made that the focus of her work within the organization by joining Operations, focusing on making USG accessible to the student body as a whole and the organization’s recruitment process. Outside of USG, Hannah is involved in IGNITE and works at the Starbucks across from the Union. She can be reached at wright.2162@osu.edu.

Service and Philanthropy Coordinator: Ming Lei.330 (he/him)
I am a sophomore pursuing a dual degree in finance and economics, and I would like to pursue an MBA and/or a JD in the future. I joined USG because I wanted to be more involved here at OSU, and I felt that the student government would be a good medium to do that. I have currently not accomplished in anything as I joined last semester and was not as involved as I wanted to be.