Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

Community Relations

Role and Mission

The Community Relations committee strives to reach out to students and be an effective communication mechanism between the student body and the student government that advocates for them. Community Relations gives both students and USG a voice by putting on forums, starting dialogue, and connecting undergraduates to their representatives.

Becca Powers.623 (she/her)

Director of Student Affairs

Pronouns: he/him/his

Hello! I am a second year honors student double majoring in Business within the Fisher School of Business, and Psychology. I am the director CoRe liaison, and it is my first year in USG. I am so excited to network new connections, bridge the gap between student orgs and USG, and further my personal understanding of governmental organizations.

Becca can be reached at powers.623@osu.edu.


  • Monthly Forums

  • President's Dinner

Coordinators and Liaisons


Forums Coordinator: 

Sara Alsammerai.2 (she/her/hers)

Hi everyone! My name is Sara and I am a second-year Biology major on the pre-medicine route. I am currently completing a double minor as well in Nonprofit Management and Science & Engineering in the Public Interest. I joined USG because it combines my passions for student government and advocacy for others as a student myself. I am looking forward to what USG will accomplish this year, and I hope you are, too!

Ground Game Coordinators:

Tiantian Wang.12741 (she/her)

Hello everyone, my name is Tiantian Wang! I am a junior in Fisher Business School, and my major is finance.  I am honored to join the Undergraduate Student Government as the ground games coordinator of this academic year and hope to make more and better activities.  We at USG are committed to helping all students, which is why I want to come to USG!  Whether it's high school or university, I am passionate about helping others, and I hope to make contributions to everyone!


Akhila Boda.16 (she/her/hers)

Position: Health & Safety Liason

Akhila is a 2nd year majoring in Biomedical Science and triple minoring in Neuroscience, Computer Science, and Business. She aspires to matriculate to medical school and graduate school after her undergraduate studies to receive an MD/MBA. Akhila joined USG to connect more clubs on campus with USG resources and unite the student body as a whole. This is her first year in USG and she is enthusiastic about the year ahead and the connections she can foster. A fun fact that Akhila often shares with her peers is that she has visited the country of Georgia through a study abroad program and her favorite Georgian word is “gamarjoba” which means hello!

Andrew Wong.947 (he/him)

Additional roles: University Senator for Student Life, COAM Panelist
I am a second year Political Science and Psychology major on the pre-law track and am part of the Honors program along with the Law and Society Scholars Program. I am from Dayton, OH and was born and raised in Hong Kong prior to my immigration to the United States. I am striving to go to a prestigious law school after graduation to pursue my career as a trial criminal attorney. I was asked to assist on editing the Collin's Law legislation to pass on the General Assembly during the 2021 to 2022 and hope to make the university a more welcoming place for non English speakers.

Mengying Bian.119 (she/her/hers)

This is my third year at the Ohio State University. I am major in Education and minor in Psychology. After graduation, I plan to earn my master's degree in Education. This is my first year in USG, and I really hope that as an international student, I can actually do something for the undergraduate students, learn how leadership works for students. Dancing and playing the guitar are what I am most likely to do in my free time. Sometimes when I get feeling, I write melodies or songs. Since SP 21, I established an online broadcast station called “The Voice of Buckeye”, acting as a platform to share stories that Chinese students experienced at OSU. I am happy and proud of what I am doing, and I hope I can contribute to students with my full potential.

Charles Balina.2 (he/him)

I'm Charles and I'm a third-year civil engineering major from Maryland. This is my first year in USG, so I look forward to getting to work to improve this school for students. I joined USG because I have a vested interest in improving and simplifying the life of students during their time here at Ohio State, and I setting a precedent for it for many years to come. After graduation, I'd like to start work as a civil engineer and maybe even be an entrepreneur. I'm also involved in other groups such as Morrill, NSBE, and LSAMP. I'm excited to be able to get to work!

Charlotte Borsos.8 (she/her)

Role: Sustainability Liason

I am a Second-Year chemical engineering major.  This is my first year in USG, but I'm hoping to work on creating lasting changes in sustainability and the environmental-conscious of OSU.  After I graduate, I hope I can go into clean energy and work on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  A fun fact about me is that I am the Marketing Chair of Engineers Without Borders at The Ohio State University.

Dylan Page.399 (he/him)

Specialization: Governmental Affairs

Dylan is a graduating fourth year. He is currently on the pre-law track and intends to attend the Mortiz College of Law at The Ohio State University next year. He will graduate this spring with two Bachelors of Science: Political Science, minoring in History and Classical Huamnities: Greek Civilization and Public Policy Analysis, minoring in Economics. He will graduate with Honors in both. He joined USG to better connect undergraduates with the functions and processes of USG and looks forward to this wotk on the Community Relations Committee. He currently serves as the 108th President of the Mabel G. Freeman Chapter of Mortar Board on campus, is a member of the University Conduct Board and University Senate, and is involved with Student Life as a Resident Advisor. Outside of the university, Dylan serves on the Ohio Democratic Party's Central and Executive Committees, its governing bodies. In his free time, he likes to run, cycle, and read.

Sofia Xu.4259 (she/her)

Second-year student
Major: Strategic Communication Minor: Media production and analysis
To be a TV producer 
USG is a big family. People are so close and work together to make the campus better and to help the entire student group.