Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

Legislative Issues Committees


55th General Assembly Issues Committees Secretary's Reports


To ensure accountability and provide the utmost transparency, each legislative committee of the General Assembly shall submit secretary reports/minutes to the Secretary for each of their meetings, and these reports can be viewed below. Our reports aim to provide constituents with a description of what their senators have accomplished and are currently working on within their current term. If you are interested in finding more about the progress of your member’s policy projects, their contact information can be found in the '54th General Assembly Members' tab. 

This page will be updated shortly. For any questions, please contact Parliamentarian John Fuller.541 or the committee's legislative coordinator.


Academic Affairs

Legislative Coordinator: Carla Unzueta.7 (she/her)


Governmental Relations

Legislative Coordinator: Jacqueline Roshetski.2 (she/her)


Health and Safety

Legislative Coordinator: Kaitlynn Knapp.426 (she/her)


Justice and Equity

Legislative Coordinator: Nigel Gore.153 (he/him)



Student Affairs

Legislative Coordinator: Isaac Wilson.4794 (he/him)



Legislative Coordinator: Zoe Matsusaki.3 (she/her)