Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

Constituency Reports


55th General Assembly Constituency Reports

To ensure accountability and provide the utmost transparency, each member of the General Assembly shall submit three constituency reports to the Secretary throughout their terms, and these reports can be viewed below. Our reports aim to provide constituents with a description of what their senators have accomplished and are currently working on within their current term. If you are interested in finding more about the progress of your member’s policy projects, their contact information can be found in the '55th General Assembly Members' tab. 

Note: If there is no hyperlink attached to your representative's name, it means they did not complete a report. If you would like to receive information regarding their work during this constituency report period, you are encouraged to email them and request this information.

This page will be updated shortly. For any questions, please contact Secretary Lovelace.59. Any reports that have not been updated, may be found here


Academic Constituencies

College of Arts and Sciences – Arts and Humanities – 2 seats

Yondris Ferguson.989 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Steering (Chair)

Carla Unzueta.7 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Steering; Academic Affairs (Chair)


College of Arts and Sciences – Natural and Mathematical Sciences – 3 seats

Tori Elek.18 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Sustainability

Zoe Lee.9849 (she/her) 

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Student Affairs

- Vacant -


College of Arts and Sciences – Social and Behavioral Sciences – 4 seats

Shreeyanka Luitel.9 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Governmental Relations

Sofia Malamazian.1 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Student Affairs

Jacqueline Roshetski.2 (she/her) 

     Committee Assignments: Steering; Governmental Relations (Chair)

- Vacant -


College of Business – 3 seats

Jillian Flowers.364 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Health and Safety

Gia Globokar.4 (she/her) 

     Committee Assignments: Sustainability

Matthew Rosenberg.1264 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Academic Affairs


College of Dentistry – 1 seat

Sara Geduldig.4 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Health and Safety


College of Education and Human Ecology – 2 seats

Mallory Bowen.476 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Justice and Equity

- Vacant -


College of Engineering – 4 seats

Patrick Cullen.144 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Academic Affairs

Kathryne Humphrey.341 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Health and Safety

Sarah Lord.98 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Student Affairs

Isaac Wilson.4794 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Steering; Student Affairs (Chair)


College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences – 1 seat

- Vacant -


College of Medicine Sciences – 1 seat

- Vacant -


College of Nursing – 1 seat

Gillian McKenna.237 (she/her) 

     Committee Assignments: Student Affairs


College of Pharmacy – 1 seat

- Vacant -


College of Public Affairs – 1 seat

Brayon Miller.10288 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Student Affairs


College of Public Health – 1 seat

- Vacant -


College of Social Work – 1 seat

- Vacant -


Exploration – 1 seat

- Vacant -


Living Area Constituencies

Commuter Living Area – 2 seats

- Vacant -

- Vacant -


Off-Campus Living Area – 5 seats

Morgan Freund.62 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Academic Affairs

Nigel Gore.153 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Steering; Justice and Equity (Chair)

Andre Holland.487 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Justice and Equity

Kaitlynn Knapp.426 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Steering; Heath and Safety (Chair)

Emma Patterson.1230 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight (Chair); Steering; Governmental Relations


On-Campus Living Area - 7 seats

Thomas Brinkmann.13 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Justice and Equity

Madison Brown.8331 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Governmental Relations

Mateo Centenera.1 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Student Affairs

Jonah Gilbert.798 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Health and Safety

Paul Huang.4572 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Sustainability

Zoe Matsuzaki.3 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Steering; Sustainability (Chair)

Liam Ott (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Student Affairs


Regional Campus Living Area – 1 seat

- Vacant -


Emissary Seats

Disability Emissary – 1 seat

- Vacant -

Transgender Emissary – 1 seat

- Vacant -