Undergraduate Student Government
at The Ohio State University



The General Assembly works to maintain the highest degree of transparency. As part of this effort, all documents the body uses for its operation are publicly available. The following documents are available for public access. If you have problems viewing these documents, please contact Secretary Lily Evans. 2758.


Constituency Reports

These are required reports from Senators that detail the efforts they have taken to conduct outreach to their constituents. Senators must submit one of these reports once per semester. 


Legislation that is placed on the Agenda is available to the public. It will be updated when it is introduced, passed, vetoed, or tabled.


Agendas show what business the General Assembly is conducting during a meeting. They are available the Monday before the General Assembly meets.


Meeting Minutes are documents that describe what happened during a General Assembly meeting, serving as a rough transcript of what was said. They must be approved by the General Assembly prior to becoming public, so there is approximately a 7-10 lag between when meetings occur and minutes become public. Some limited activites of the General Assembly (normally limited to elections of vacancy applicants, elections to leadership positions, and standing committees) occur in executive session, and minutes are not recorded for those events.


Senators attendance records are available to the public, but not published on the website. For any questions regarding GA attendance, please contact Secretary Lily Evans. 2758.