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USG Calendar

USG has a calendar where all external meetings and events will be located. If you would like to view or subscribe to the calendar, please click on the following link: USG Calendar

Biweekly Community Newsletter


USG will be posting and sending out a newsletter every two weeks to keep people updated on what we are doing. That newsletter will be posted here, but, if you would like to receive the newsletter in an email format, please fill out the following form, and it will be sent to you.


If you have any questions about the USG newsletter, please reach out to Richie Giang (


Newsletter Sign-Up

To receive emails with the biweekly newsletter, please check back for a sign-up form in early September.

2016-2017 Biweekly Newsletters

September 16, 2016 Newsletter

September 30, 2016 Newsletter

October 16, 2016 Newsletter

October 30, 2016 Newsletter

November 24, 2016 Newsletter

January 24, 2017 Newsletter

February 8, 2017 Newsletter

February 28, 2017 Newsletter