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Academic Enrichment Grants (AEGs)


The Undergraduate Student Government’s Academic Enrichment Grants serve to make academically enriching experiences that are related to a student's field of study more accessible and affordable. There are a number of events, programs, research opportunities, and educational excursions separate from a student’s curriculum that can have huge positive effects on that student's life and can greatly influence what they decide to do in their future careers. AEGs can cover a number of expenditures from computer programs necessary for experimental research to travel expenses for a conference, so long as the student is able to justify the importance of the expenditure and how it relates to their project. Please note that applications will be primarily evaluated on how strongly the student can correlate their proposed experience to their stated learning goals and their field of study. Students who demonstrate a passion for their project, a need for funding, and can thoroughly elaborate on how their proposed expenditures are necessary to fulfill their stated project goals are ideal candidates who will get the most out of what AEGs have to offer. Need for funding will be considered as we have many applicants and want to ensure as many as possible receive enough funding to complete their experience. 

Instructions for the application and a budget example can be found in the PDF’s on this page. 

Once open, the application can be submitted here: 


Application Deadlines 

2019 - 2020 ACADEMIC YEAR 

Funding Period #1 

  • Application Opens: 11/15/2019  

  • Application Deadline: 12/1/2019 

  • Activity must occur before the start of the Autumn 2020 Semester 

Funding Period #2 

  • Application Opens: 2/10/2020 

  • Application deadline: 2/24/2020 

  • Activity must occur before the start on the Spring 2021 Semester 

If you have any questions, contact Todd Borgerson at 


For more Information view the Instructions and Example Budget below