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Student Affairs

Role and Mission

The Student Affairs committee strives to advance the Student Quality of Life at The Ohio State University. We have identified four factors as a benchmark for improvement: Affordability, Accountability, Accessibility, and Advance-ability. We aim to consider these factors as we undertake projects to better the existing features of Student Life, and target and fulfill the need for additional resources and opportunities.

Michal Davis

Director of Student Affairs

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Michal is a third year from Cleveland, Ohio studying Spanish, Political Science, and Communications. She has previously served in the Student Affairs committee as Deputy Director of Off-Campus Living. 

On campus, she can most likely be found in Terra Byte Cafe in the SEL. Her favorite Ohio State tradition is rubbing the head of the William Oxley Thompson bust in Thompson Library for good luck. When she’s not on campus, Michal can mostly likely be found at Target or Starbucks.

Michal can be reached at


  • Buckeye Road Trip
    • Get a ride home or visit an exciting new city over Thanksgiving or Spring Break. Prices are $25 for local destinations and $65 for further locations, round trip. Click on the hyperlink above to visit the Buckeye Road Trip page or contact Kate Dunne.52 with questions.
  • Clean up Columbus
    • A monthly even, Clean Up Columbus will give your org $75 or service hours to clean up our city. All cleaning supplies are provided, just register at and show up! Contact Kate Dunne.52, Winnie Wu.3467, or with questions.
  • Renter's Guide
    • An annual project and collaboration with the Center for the Study of Student Life, a survey is sent out to 2,000 students two weeks in September to gather data about renters and renting practices. Check out this year's guide for tips and information before renting and visit the USG booth at the Off-Campus Living Expo on October 19th, 2018 for more information. Contact Joey Ricchezza.1 for more information.
  • Resource Fair
    • An annual event on the South Oval highlighting resources available to undergraduate students that are typically underutilized. This year's event was on Thursday, September 26th, 2019 from 3-6 PM. Buckeye Donuts, soft drinks, and prizes available. Contact Joey Ricchezza.1 with questions. Stay tuned for next year's event!
  • Salt Distribution
    • An annual event in collaboration with Student Life and Pay It Forward to distribute salt to off-campus students for their personal use during the winter months. Keep your sidewalks safe by picking up salt, buckets, and shovels on Martin Luther King Day. Contact Michal Davis.5372 with questions.


  • Diversity in Enrollment
    • A collaborative project between Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Diversity & Inclusion to advocate for inclusive environments on campus and admission practices.
    • Contact Manasa Vanguri.1
  • Digital Flagship Initiative
    • Continue to advocate for both underclass and upper-class student voice to create a positive, University-wide experience of the Digital Flagship Initiative including iPads, iOS Lab, Coding courses, and App development.
    • Contact Jordan Klapper.9 with questions.
  • On-Campus Collaborative Learning Spaces
    • We will advocate for spatial needs on campus including collaborative study spaces and other potential needs.
    • Contact Kate Dunne.52 for questions.
  • USG Crisis Assistance
    • Pursue infrastructure within and outside of USG to better assist students faced with a crisis, especially at the larger national scale.
    • Contact Michal Davis.5372
  • Transportation Options and Mobility
    • Advocate for safe, free, and extensive transportation options including evaluating the Student Safety Services, CABS, and non-University sponsored transportation.
    • Contact Joey Ricchezza.1 (overall transportation).
  • Accessibility of Residence Hall Resources
    • Continue making resources such as printing and study spaces more accessible in location and hours of operation in residence halls.
    • Contact Caroline Caputo.58
  • Support and Resources for Food-Insecure and Homeless Students
    • Explore options for resources to better support our food-insecure and homeless students as well as make current resources more transparent and accessible.
    • Contact Caroline Caputo.58 or Kate Dunne.52 for questions.


Deputy Directors

Kate Dunne.52 (She/Her) - Annual Projects

Joey Ricchezza.1 (He/Him) - Off-Campus 

Caroline Caputo.58 (She/Her) - Res. Life and Dining

Manasa Vanguri.1 (She/Her) - Campus Events and Athletics

Jordan Klapper.9 (He/Him) - Student Resources

Andy Klemm.21 (He/Him) - Legislative Coordinator*

*Denotes the committee’s legislative coordinator with the General Assembly