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Government Relations

Role and Mission

Government Relations has a mission of representing the undergraduate student body by creating and upholding relationships with leaders at the local, state, and federal level in order to discuss and propose ideas for the betterment of our university. Internally, we strive to facilitate the initiatives of other USG committees and their relationships with legislative bodies by acting as the main communicator and lobbyist on their behalf. Externally, we assist students by taking their suggestions, research, and ideas to government officials for support and guidance.

Jake Dretzka

Director of Government Relations

More information to come on Jake

Jake can be reached at

Projects & Policy

  • Bring Candidates to Campus

  • Voter Registration

  • College Affordability

  • Sexual Violence Legislation

  • Off-Campus Safety

  • Good Samaritan Legislation

Deputy Directors

Riley Alton

Abi McGowan

Sunder Sai