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Shared Governance

What is Shared Governance?

Shared Governance is a system of university decision-making that formally brings together faculty, administrators, and students to approve and review university policy. Ohio State’s robust Shared Governance system includes the University Senate, as well as many university committees. Each of these bodies gives full voting and participation rights to its student members. Ohio State students are quite fortunate in this respect, as student involvement is less formalized at many other universities.

To USG, Shared Governance is where we apply our student advocacy to real policy proposals. Projects from USG Cabinet Committees and resolutions from USG General Assembly can be introduced into the Shared Governance system for higher-level discussion and consensus-building. Ideas approved via Shared Governance are generally enacted by university administrators. Recently, the declining balance meal plan option followed this path to implementation. After starting as a recommendation from USG’s Student Affairs Cabinet Committee, the Office of Student Life vetted and improved it. The proposal then won support from Senate Fiscal Committee and was introduced for Fall 2016.