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2020 LGBTQ+ Campus Climate Report


In November 2019, members of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) met to discuss the necessity and feasibility of conducting a campus wide survey about LGBTQ+ resources and the climate towards LGBTQ+ students at The Ohio State University (OSU). The survey was conducted during the Spring 2020 semester and measured student responses about the campus climate and resources as they relate to the LGBTQ+ community at OSU, support for the creation of a campus LGBTQ+ Center, and the status of Gender-Inclusive Housing. The resulting report from that survey and the accompanying research is linked below:


Big Ten LGBTQ+ Centers


LGBTQ+ Center Links


We are the only Big Ten school without one. Many of these centers have things we’re asking for: meeting and hangout space, clothing swap programs for trans individuals, mental, physical, and sexual health resources, educational resources, mentorship programs, etc.


90.25% of LGBTQ+ respondents agree that having an LGBTQ+ Center on-campus would make them feel more supported at OSU (usage of “agreed” in reference to survey data is a combination of the responses “strongly agree”, “agree” and “somewhat agree”).


Some other resources we’re asking for:

These are links to resources that we ask for in the report that other Big Ten schools already have

Out List

Indiana University

University of Maryland


LGBTQ+ Learning Community


University-wide LGBTQ+ Affairs Committee