Office of Student Life : Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

Senate Committees

The Senate Steering Committee is the leadership committee of the Senate. Its purpose is to review the progress of Senate and guide the direction of the body. In addition, Steering may consider any structural changes to the organization or any hot topic legislation that may arise.


The Academic Affairs Committee reviews all resolutions concerning changes or recommendations to undergraduate academics. Academic senators may serve on this committee.


The Allocations Committee reviews all bills and appropriations of money. Student organizations often seek out money from this committee in order to sponsor events that benefit the entire student body at Ohio State. Any senator excluding emissaries may serve on this committee.



The Diversity and Inclusion Committee works to enhance the diversity experience of all undergraduate students by critically assessing all issues pertaining to that experience in order to ensure equality, equal representation, and civility for all students. Any senator may serve on this committee.


The Policy and Governance Committee reviews all resolutions that deal with procedural or governmental changes within the Senate itself. In addition, this committee approves all Senate, Executive, and University appointments. Any senator may serve on this committee.


The Student Life Committee reviews all resolutions dealing with the student community outside of the classroom. From dining, to rec sports, to the dorms, student life encompasses it all. Living area senators and emissaries may serve on this committee.