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Talk to Us

We are currently working on a platform that will more easily receive any of your questions, comments, concerns, or ideas. We hope to have it out in the near future!

For now, please feel free to contact any number of the people below:

President Gerard Basalla
Vice President Danielle Di Scala
Chief of Staff Annie Greer
Deputy Chief of Staff Jenna Gravalis
Director of Academic Affairs Samer Abusway
Director of Diversity & Inclusion Tony Buss
Director of Government Relations Evelyn Kennedy
Director of Health & Safety Sophie Chang
Director of Outreach Zawwar Khan
Director of Student Affairs Shamina Merchant
Director of Sustainability Samuel Reed


Please feel free to contact any other members of Senior Staff located under the Branches tab, as well as any Directors of Liaisons found under the Committees tab, or your Senators found under the General Assembly tab.

Thank you for working with us in our website transitions. We truly appreciate your patience.