Office of Student Life : Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience


The 51st General Assembly

Speaker of the General Assembly: Michaela Murphy

Elena Akers Arts & Humanities
Rhea Pai Arts & Humanities
Cade Santha Business
Abigail Wener Business
Ashley Wilson Business
Joe Malinger Education and Human Ecology

Will Sullivan

Education and Human Ecology
Will Baumgart Engineering
Isaac Bensignor Engineering
Nolan Hanna Engineering
Nate Smith Engineering
Vacant Exploration  
Cameron Stewart Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Vacant Medicinal Sciences  
Alex Bumgarner Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Emma Lykins Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Sarah Olszewski Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Vacant Nursing  
Vacant Pharmacy  
Jacob Spiegal Public Affairs
Vacant Public Health  
Turner Dilley Social and Behavioral Sciences
Ben Duwve

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Jinnie Lee Social and Behavioral Sciences
Vinnie Pancini Social and Behavioral Sciences
Michaela Murphy Social Work; Speaker of the General Assembly
Halima Mohamed Commuter Living Area
Eesha Wirk Commuter Living Area
Peyton Batiato On-Campus Living Area
Madeline Fogarty On-Campus Living Area
Eyako Heh On-Campus Living Area
Caleb Hineman On-Campus Living Area; Parliamentarian
Isabel Palmer On-Campus Living Area
Rhea Rao On-Campus Living Area
Lauren Simpson On-Campus Living Area
Maria Humayun Off-Campus Living Area
Hannah Marchand Off-Campus Living Area
Alexis McKenzie Off-Campus Living Area
Kinza Sami Off-Campus Living Area; Secretary
Savannah Sockwell Off-Campus Living Area
Cole Wasson Regional Campus Living Area
Vacant International Student Emissary  
Vacant Dentistry