Office of Student Life : Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

50th General Assembly Legislation




50-R-1: A Resolution to Approve the Senior Staff and Operations Team

50-R-2: A Resolution to Approve the Cabinet Directors

50-R-3: A Resolution to Approve Appointments to University Senate and University-Level Committees

50-R-4: A Resolution to Appoint 3 Justices to the Judicial Panel

50-R-5: A Resolution to Approve the Elections Bylaws (Addendum)

50-R-6: A Resolution to Approve the Standing Rules of the Judicial Panel (Addendum)

50-R-7: A Resolution to Oppose the Ban on Window Art in Campus Residence Halls

50-R-8: A Resolution to Approve the Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisor in USG's Senior Staff

50-R-9: A Resolution to Implement Bathrooms in the Traditions at Morrill Dining Location 

50-R-10: A Resolution to Canvass for the Creation of a Standardized Absence Policy

50-R-11: A Resolution to Increase Transparency of International Fee at The Ohio State University

50-R-12: A Resolution Calling Upon the University to Recognize the Second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples' Day

50-R-13: A Resolution to Create a Message Box on Carmen Featuring a Statement About Mental Health Awareness and Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service

50-R-14: A Resolution to Make STEP More Accessible to Commuter and Transfer Students

50-R-16: A Resolution to Support Textbook Affordability by Encouraging a State and Local Sales Tax Exemption for Post-Secondary Textbooks


Tabled indefinitely:

50-R-15: A Resolution to Support the Ohio Campus Free Speech Act and Free Speech on Campus