Office of Student Life : Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

51st General Assembly Legislation



51-R-1: A Resolution to Approve the Senior Staff and Engagement Team

51-R-2: A Resolution to Approve Cabinet Directors

51-R-3: A Resolution to Support the Implementation of Adequate Resources for Students Following the Inoperational Status of SCE

51-R-4: A Resolution to Approve a Change in Standing Rules for Gender Inclusivity

51-R-6: A Resolution to Recommend Improvements to CCS at Ohio State

51-R-7: A Resolution to Approve Appointments to University Senate and University-Level Committees

51-R-8: A Resolution to Support the Implementation of a Condition-Focused Warm Line This Semester

51-R-9: A Resolution to Support the Inclusion of Statements Necessary for Student Success on Course Syllabi

51-R-10: A Resolution to Support a Reaffirmation of The Ohio State University Campus Wide Smoking Ban 

51-R-11: A Resolution to Require Resident Advisors to be Safe Zone Trained

51-R-12: A Resolution to Approve Appointments to the Judicial Panel

51-R-13: A Resolution to Approve the Elections Bylaws

51-R-14: A Resolution Requesting Ohio State University to Achieve 100 Percent Renewable Energy No Later than 2050 

51-R-15: A Resolution to Encourage The Ohio State University to Schedule University-Wide Events on Non-Religious Holiday Days 

51-R-17: A Resolution to Support the Installation and Use of P.A. Systems for Emergency Situations

51-R-18: A Resolution to Support the Creation of a Lending Library Program

51-R-19: A Resolution to Unify and Support the University’s Numerous Concerns About the Department of Education’s Proposed Changes to Title IX

51-R-20: A Resolution to Provide Feedback to the Proposed Revisions to the General Education Component of the Undergraduate Education

51-R-21: A Resolution Requesting High Temperature Accommodations in University Housing

51-R-22: A Resolution to Strongly Encourage Instructors to Utilize NameCoach Software 

51-R-23: A Resolution Encouraging the Provision of Menstrual Products in all C-Stores Around Campus


51-R-5: A Resolution to Amend the Organizational Bylaws of the Undergraduate Student Government to Include Office Hour Requirements for Senators

51-R-24: A Resolution to Make Columbus Campus Tour Programs More Inclusive for Regional Campus Transfer Students

Tabled indefinitely:




51-R-16: A Resolution to Support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctioning of Israeli Products and Institutional Support

51-B-1: A Bill to Overturn the Allocations Funding Decision for Fishbowl Improv