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What are USG Liaisons?


Liaisons play a pivotal role in USG’s outreach and help us accomplish our goals. The primary responsibility of liaisons is to rebrand USG in the campus community. Over time, many students have disengaged in USG events because of a negative stigma that has been built against USG. Liaisons focus on rebuilding the relationship with student organizations.


Liaisons attend different student organization meetings to engage with the members about USG. Liaisons  hear any concerns these organizations present, and bring them back to the larger group, so that we can try to better suit students on campus.  Liaisons also assist in helping coordinators with any event planning they may need, such as promoting events and notifying campus that these events are happening.


The Liaisons Coordinator oversees liaisons to keep campus informed of USG and the positive impact it can have on one's undergraduate career. Additionally, it is the Liaison Coordinator’s role is to bring the voice students who may feel underrepresented into the Senior Staff decision-making process.

Lauren Todd

Liaisons Coordinator

Lauren can be reached at



Mary Armbruster

Dylan Dusza

Megan Gertzen

Ric-Kell Holmes

Sean Honesty

Tobin Kassa

Nick Rossi

Shunshun Qiang

Alex Ugolini

Jiakun Wu