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Internal Affairs

Role and Mission

The Internal Affairs Committee strives to maintain the internal operations of USG. This includes event planning, internal communications, record keeping, and other logistical tasks. Internal Affairs also oversees USG’s membership which includes the recruitment and education of new members, continued membership development, the Interns program, and membership requirements. The overall mission of Internal Affairs is to create a positive, inclusive environment within USG where students feel valued and empowered.

Margo Brandenburg

Director of Internal Affairs

More information to come on Margo

Margo can be reached at


  • Interns - New Member Program

  • USG Fall Retreat

  • Recruitment

  • Campaign Reform

  • Homecoming

  • Social Event Planning

  • Creation of a Graduate Assistant Position

Coordinators and Deputy Directors

USG Historian: Alex Kuenzli
Co-Membership Coordinators: Bertha Kim, Kannon Michaels
Co-Recruitment Coordinator: Kayla Salant
Interns Coordinators: Alex Kuenzli, Mike Muffler, Emily Mumaw
Events Coordinator: Polly Sy