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GA Issues Committees


Each member of the General Assembly serves on one of these committees which mirror the cabinet issue committees. These committees serve as a link between the General Assembly and the corresponding Cabinet committee. To learn about the committees themselves, see the Committees tab.

Committee on Academic Affairs Members

-Kate Greer (Director) 

-Chase Barnett (Deputy Director)

-Leah D'Astolfo

-Ciggy De Veyra

-Lauren Judge

-Amraha Nadeem

-Salma Shire

-Nate Smith

Committee on Diversity & Inclusion Members

-Alex Leeder (Director)

-Farhan Quadri (Deputy Director)

-Shukri Ahmed

-Paige Bennett

-Keasen Hao

-Halima Mohamed

-Safiyo Mohamud

-Rebecca Slavik

-Savannah Sockwell

-Michael Swaggerty

Committee on Government Relations Members

-Jake Dretzka (Director)

-Julia Dennen (Deputy Director)

-Celeste Morris

-Aaron Treglia

-Sabrina Virani

Committee on Health & Safety

-Maria Vargo (Director)

-Ben Kanas (Deputy Director)

-Brooke Bowerman

-Caitlin Cromes

-Megan Ferguson

-Alexis McKenzie

-Micah Mensing

-Shivani Patel

-Madie Smith

Committee on Student Affairs

-Erin Donnelly (Director)

-Maria Humayun (Deputy Director)

-Imani Davis

-Nick Davis

-Anthony Long

-Jordan Malpass

-Curtis Pierson

-Grant Tyson

Committee on Sustainability

-Vikas Munjal (Director)

-Chris Weller (Deputy Director)

-Tommy Bowles

-Bailey Hoppes

-Kinza Sami