Undergraduate Student Government

at The Ohio State University

55th General Assembly Members

General Assembly Officers

Speaker of the Senate: Yondris Ferguson.989 (he/him)

Parliamentarian: Emma Patterson.1230 (she/her)

Secretary: - Vacant -


Academic Constituencies

College of Arts and Sciences – Arts and Humanities – 2 seats

Yondris Ferguson.989 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Steering (Chair)

Carla Unzueta.7 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Steering; Academic Affairs (Chair)


College of Arts and Sciences – Natural and Mathematical Sciences – 3 seats

Tori Elek.18 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Sustainability

Zoe Lee.9849 (she/her) 

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Student Affairs

- Vacant -


College of Arts and Sciences – Social and Behavioral Sciences – 4 seats

Shreeyanka Luitel.9 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Governmental Relations

Sofia Malamazian.1 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Student Affairs

Jacqueline Roshetski.2 (she/her) 

     Committee Assignments: Steering; Governmental Relations (Chair)

- Vacant -


College of Business – 3 seats

Jillian Flowers.364 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Health and Safety

Gia Globokar.4 (she/her) 

     Committee Assignments: Sustainability

Matthew Rosenberg.1264 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Academic Affairs


College of Dentistry – 1 seat

Sara Geduldig.4 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Health and Safety


College of Education and Human Ecology – 2 seats

Mallory Bowen.476 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Justice and Equity

- Vacant -


College of Engineering – 4 seats

Patrick Cullen.144 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Academic Affairs

Kathryne Humphrey.341 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Health and Safety

Sarah Lord.98 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Student Affairs

Isaac Wilson.4794 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Steering; Student Affairs (Chair)


College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences – 1 seat

- Vacant -


College of Medicine Sciences – 1 seat

- Vacant -


College of Nursing – 1 seat

Gillian McKenna.237 (she/her) 

     Committee Assignments: Student Affairs


College of Pharmacy – 1 seat

- Vacant -


College of Public Affairs – 1 seat

Brayon Miller.10288 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Student Affairs


College of Public Health – 1 seat

- Vacant -


College of Social Work – 1 seat

- Vacant -


Exploration – 1 seat

- Vacant -


Living Area Constituencies

Commuter Living Area – 2 seats

- Vacant -

- Vacant -


Off-Campus Living Area – 5 seats

Morgan Freund.62 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Academic Affairs

Nigel Gore.153 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Steering; Justice and Equity (Chair)

Andre Holland.487 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Justice and Equity

Kaitlynn Knapp.426 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Steering; Heath and Safety (Chair)

Emma Patterson.1230 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight (Chair); Steering; Governmental Relations


On-Campus Living Area - 7 seats

Thomas Brinkmann.13 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Justice and Equity

Madison Brown.8331 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Governmental Relations

Mateo Centenera.1 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Allocations; Student Affairs

Jonah Gilbert.798 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Health and Safety

Paul Huang.4572 (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Sustainability

Zoe Matsuzaki.3 (she/her)

     Committee Assignments: Steering; Sustainability (Chair)

Liam Ott (he/him)

     Committee Assignments: Oversight; Student Affairs


Regional Campus Living Area – 1 seat

- Vacant -


Emissary Seats

Disability Emissary – 1 seat

- Vacant -

Transgender Emissary – 1 seat

- Vacant -