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Constituency Reports

50th General Assembly Constituency Reports

To ensure accountability and provide the utmost transparency, each member of the General Assembly shall submit three constituency reports to the Vice President throughout their terms, and can be viewed below. These reports aim to provide constituents with a description of what their senators have accomplished and are currently working on within their current term. If you are interested in finding more about the progress of your member’s policy projects, their contact information can be found in the 'Senators' tab. 

Note: If there is no hyperlink attached to your representative's name, it means they did not complete a report. If you would like to receive information regarding their work during this constituency report period, you are encouraged to email them and request this information.

2017-2018 Constituency Reports

Arts and Humanities



  • Vacant

Education and Human Ecology



Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences

Medicinal Sciences

Natural and Mathematical Sciences



Public Affairs

Public Health

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Social Work

  • Michaela Murphy (filled vacancy 10/25/2017)


North Campus Living Area

Off Campus Living Area

South Campus Living Area

West Campus Living Area

Regional Campus

International Student Emissary