Office of Student Life : Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

52nd General Assembly Members

Current Vacancies (2 Seats)

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences – 1 seat
Off-Campus Living Area – 1 seat

As the 52nd General Assembly is only in session until 3/25/2020, vacancy applicantions will not be opened for the current vacancies.


General Assembly Officers

Speaker of the General Assembly: Cade Santha (he/him/his)

Parliamentarian: Caleb Hineman (he/him/his)

Secretary: Durya Nadeem (she/her/hers)


Academic Constituencies

College of Arts and Sciences – Arts and Humanities – 2 seats

Emily Needham (she/her/hers)

Emma Nidy (she/her/hers)


College of Arts and Sciences – Natural and Mathematical Sciences – 3 seats

David Mack

Dennis Pales (he/him/his)

Troy Tofil (he/him/his)


College of Arts and Sciences – Social and Behavioral Sciences – 4 seats

Brandon Bishop (he/him/his)

Claire Krafka (she/her/hers)

Elizabeth Painter (she/her/hers)

Sana Soufi (she/her/hers)


College of Business – 3 seats

Nathan Rush (he/him/his)

Cade Santha (he/him/his)

Ruyi Wang (she/her/hers)


College of Dentistry – 1 seat

Hameed Jamal (he/him/his)


College of Education and Human Ecology – 2 seats

Joshua Pugh (he/him/his)

Alea Doronsky (she/her/hers)


College of Engineering – 4 seats

Josh Goetz (he/him/his)

Alek Kundla

Jannan Sivaruban (he/him/his)

Rylee Heiing (she/her/hers)


College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences – 1 seat



College of Medicine Sciences – 1 seat

Abigail Berk (she/her/hers)


College of Nursing – 1 seat

Aaron McKee (he/him/his)


College of Pharmacy – 1 seat

Durya Nadeem (she/her/hers)


College of Public Affairs – 1 seat

Sophie Ruttenberg (she/her/hers)


College of Public Health – 1 seat

Uma Mylavarapu (she/her/hers)


College of Social Work – 1 seat

Nuurah Parsons (she/her/hers)


Exploration – 1 seat

Maddie Carson (she/her/hers)


Living Area Constituencies

Commuter Living Area – 2 seats

Faduma Hasan (she/her/hers)

Sara Mohamednour (she/her/hers)


Off-Campus Living Area – 5 seats

Elyssa Bellofatto (she/her/hers)


Michael Kohler (he/him/his)

Isabel Palmer (she/her/hers)

Lexi Kisor (she/her/hers)


On-Campus Living Area - 7 seats

Ose Arheghan (they/them/theirs)

Caleb Hineman (he/him/his)

Andrew Klemm (he/him/his)

Amanya Paige (she/her/hers)

Andrew Pierce (he/him/his)

Elyse Schemenauer (she/her/hers)

Seth Williamson (he/him/his)


Regional Campus Living Area – 1 seat

Roman Lee (he/him/his)