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About The General Assembly

The legislative branch of the Undergraduate Student Government consists of a General Assembly of individuals elected by their peers to represent the interests of specific constituencies. Constituencies are composed of students from living areas on and off campus, as well as colleges or programs within colleges. Senators are chosen during the popular election this year by those within their constituency.

The role of the General Assembly is to act as the student voice on issues pertinent to campus affairs, as well as to steer the direction of executive committees of the Cabinet. Senators serve on one of several committees - Academic Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion, Government Relations, Health & Safety, Student Affairs, and Sustainability & Environmental Issues- to advocate for their constituents on legislation across the spectrum of concerns. Resolutions that pass the General Assembly and are not vetoed by the president are then considered the voice of the student body, and can be instrumental in making change within the university. 

Senators are responsible for making themselves available to their constituents by reaching out to them through constituency events, as well as by being responsive to requests through email or other means. You can find a senator through the "Meet the General Assembly" tab. Feel free to share a concern or suggestion by getting in touch with a senator from your living area or college.

The Allocations committee of the General Assembly is responsible for passing the organizational budget, as well as allocating money to student organizations. Please see the "funding" tab for more information on how to acquire funding through USG. 

Senators also serve as the student voice in the University Senate and University Committees, which consist of students, faculty, and administrators from throughout the university. These committees focus on addressing issues in different areas of the OSU community, and the Senate votes on important issues that affect every level of campus.

General Assembly meetings are open to the public and are held every Wednesday at 6:30pm in the Senate Chambers of the Ohio Union. Students are welcome to make a statement to the General Assembly during an open forum at the beginning of the meeting. Feel free to come by and see what we do! 

If you have questions regarding the General Assembly, please contact Speaker of the General Assmebly, Cade Santha at

For questions on funding, please contact Senior Director of Allocations, Ben Duwve at