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The Sustainability Committee of Undergraduate Student Government is committed to making the student community a sustainable entity through the implementation of projects, policies, and educational initiatives. Our committee is working to evolve campus culture into one of greater environmental stewardship. This year, we are exploring what it really means to live sustainably on campus in a variety of ways considering many factors including waste management, sustainable eating practices, and campus transportation. It is also our goal this year to empower USG to be more sustainable as an organization itself!  

Want to know more about what Sustainability is workong on? Here are a few of their upcoming projects and intitatives!

  • Local Foods Event: In October our committee will be holding an event to promote sustainable eating habits both on and off campus. We will be passing out free samples of foods that are locally grown right here on campus to students. Also, we are providing a brochure that will give students information on how to eat locally and sustainably at Ohio State. This event is especially exciting due to the many campus organizations we are partnering with! Delicious, free food? It does not get much better than that! 
  • Check out the Sustainability Handbook to learn more about how USG plans to become a more sustainable organization!
  • Green Buckeye Certification: This year, in order to decrease USG’s footprint on the environment, we will be revamping the USG office! By making both small and large changes to “green” the office and the organization itself, USG will become a true leader in sustainability on campus. It is our goal to then apply for the Green Buckeye Certification from the Office of Energy and the Environment. Through this certification, we will be encouraging other student organizations and spaces on campus to make similar efforts to go green!
  • Green Pledge: Throughout this year, at all of our committee’s events we will be asking students to pledge to live the year sustainably! During the Local Foods event, we will have a Green Pledge where students will receive a free bracelet if they make the promise to go green! This will not only increase a sense of community and unity amongst students, but will also provide our committee with a list of people we can reach out to for future USG events! 
  • Water Bottle Refilling Stations: With our ongoing commitment to decrease campus waste, our committee is continuing to advocate for the instillation of water bottle refilling stations around campus, especially in the residence halls. These stations will decrease our campus’s high use of plastic bottles and encourage the habit of reusing!


Sustainability Director:

Abby Mackey |

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